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What do guests say about Tropical Breeze
posted: 05/02/08 by Kate Daws
If you look on the website under Other Information then Guests Comments you can see what families who have stayed at Tropical Breeze think of it.. More...
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  Sun(hrs) Temp(°F)
Captiva 8 89
London 5 65
September averages shown.

Captiva has a wonderful array of shopping facilities, with many shops selling locally designed and produced items so you can leave your holiday with a reminder of many wonderful memories.

There are many well-stocked grocery stores near the house as well as shops selling a huge variety of goods from beach inflatables and sun tan lotion to ceramics, fine art and handcrafted jewellery. In addition to the shops there is also an ATM machine and, Post Office and Bank on the island.

For more detailed information about our favourite local shops in Captiva, click the link below.

Captiva Shopping Guide...