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What do guests say about Tropical Breeze
posted: 05/02/08 by Kate Daws
If you look on the website under Other Information then Guests Comments you can see what families who have stayed at Tropical Breeze think of it.. More...
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Captiva 8 89
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Captiva offers so many things to do it's hard to know where to start. Of course there are some of the USA's finest beaches to enjoy, but if you are looking for things to do, why not try your hand at fishing or boating.

If you want something a bit livelier, you could visit Yolo's and hire a wave runner (jet ski) or go scuba diving at one of more than a dozen reefs around Captiva and Sanibel.

Alternatively, you could go shopping, play golf, follow a nature trail, go kayaking or try cycling. Click on any of the activity links below to find out more:

Beaches Water Sports
Fishing Biking
Boating Golf
Shelling Nature Trails
Kayaking & Canoeing