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What do guests say about Tropical Breeze
posted: 05/02/08 by Kate Daws
If you look on the website under Other Information then Guests Comments you can see what families who have stayed at Tropical Breeze think of it.. More...
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The living room has a 60 inch rear projection TV which has a DVD and Video player connected as well as Comcast cable.

Each bedroom also has a TV with a DVD and Video player and Comcast cable.

Sound System
The house has a distributed sound system linked back to a FM tuner and to a 100 CD changer in the living room. Most rooms have a volume control which enables you to listen to music if you wish in that room.

There are speakers on the top deck so you can sit and listen to music while sunbathing or watching the most amazing sunsets with a drink.

WiFi and Internet Connection
The house has a 3mb Comcast cable connection that is linked to a Linksys WiFi router.

Any portable computer with a Wireless B or Wireless G adapter can have access to the internet. The signal reaches most of the house from the top deck to the pool area. Keep in touch with the office from Paradise.

There are two laundries both with washing machines and dryers one is located on the first floor one on the second.

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Tropical Breeze is a luxury holiday vacation rental home on Captiva Island on the wonderful South West Florida Gulf coast. Captiva Island is one of those special holiday destinations. If you are looking for a luxury holiday vacation home on the South West Florida Gulf coast, why not come to Captiva Island and stay in Tropical Breeze, one of Captiva's luxury holiday vacation rental homes.