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What do guests say about Tropical Breeze
posted: 05/02/08 by Kate Daws
If you look on the website under Other Information then Guests Comments you can see what families who have stayed at Tropical Breeze think of it.. More...
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House Overview
Tropical Breeze was built in 2000 a luxury home located on Wightman Lane in Captiva Village on the beautiful Island of Captiva. It is positioned on a quiet and tropical sandy lane covered by palm trees and Royal Poinciana. Far enough from the centre of the village for peace and quiet but close enough to be able to walk to and enjoy all the amenities.

The home is only sixty meters from the entrance to the beach. It has 4,200 square feet of air conditioned living space, and has Gulf views from the upper deck and upstairs master bedroom; it sleeps a maximum of ten people.

Tropical Breeze is a luxury holiday vacation rental home on Captiva Island on the wonderful South West Florida Gulf coast. Captiva Island is one of those special holiday destinations. If you are looking for a luxury holiday vacation home on the South West Florida Gulf coast, why not come to Captiva Island and stay in Tropical Breeze, one of Captiva's luxury holiday vacation rental homes.